We’ve accomplished a lot so far this year!

Yes, we’ve been busy since January 2017.

I am please to inform that with the help of your kind donations we have completed the installation of the solar panels both in the schools and the residence and now that the rains have come, we have started one of our self-sustaining projects – farming and food production on the donated 10 acres by planting maize and other vegetables.

We have also
• Installed guttering, constructed a secured well and connected water tanks for irrigation for the farm.
• Completed 10 acres of perimeter fencing.
• Built a cow shed.
• Bought two milk bearing cows
• Purchased and erected a large greenhouse for food production
• Employed permanent staff to help on the farm.
• Hired casual labourers and trained them in fencing, building and farming practices.

Please see the latest photos of the maize plants and the cow.

The orphanage has suffered financial hardship due to recent prolonged draught and upheaval in Kenya. The main industry, tourism, which was one of the largest source of our contributions has declined. We are therefore working towards creating self-sustainable orphanage and in particular focusing on farming.

We need funds for boreholes, solar power panels, greenhouses, sheds, animals, seedlings and farming equipment to allow us to continue food production.

We need your help to keep our commitments to house, feed and educate the venerable children of Kenya.

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You’ll know your donation is helping directly
100% of sponsorship donations go directly to caring for the orphaned children.