The admission process is a simple one. Our Children of the Rising Sun (CRS) Committee will meet with the Malindi District Officer to determine whether a child can be accepted into our home. CRS only accepts children between 1-9 years old. Admittance is determined after a case study is written on the child’s background. Documents such as birth and death certificates are requested. Once a child is admitted, they are taught how to live in a clean environment and are encouraged to attend school, complete chores, learn about religion and the arts, and how to farm. Even after children leave the home, we continue to support them by paying for secondary school.


In 2002, a school for for 750 pupils was constructed on the eastern corner of the property, consisting of 11 primary classrooms, 6 nursery classrooms and 2 offices. A daily food management programme sponsored by CRS home management has also been implemented, providing children with nutritious meals every single day. All children wear uniforms, provided by us, and flock to the school from several nearby neighbourhoods – a joyous but regrettably rare sight in many African countries. The facility is also supplied with running water and toilets, ensuring children remain hydrated and clean during their visits to school. After the election of the new President Mwai Kibaki, the abolition of school fees for primary school through to eighth grade was proposed. Since it was a privilege previously allowed only to children of wealthy parents, it was extremely popular. However, there were not enough schools available that would be able to withstand this rise in numbers. New buildings were required. So we negotiated with the tribal elders from our village and asked for some free land. Finally, we were able to build the school, which is used by all the children from the neighbourhood now. None of the children now have to take a one hour trip just to go to school. It is also very important that our orphans have contact with other children who come from an intact family. This way, we can avert prejudice.


Children of the Rising Sun also supports 19 students in secondary school and 4 in Kenyan colleges


In 2005, a kindergarten was built for all children from the surrounding area to enjoy, with three classrooms accommodating up to 150 pre-school students. As demand increased over the subsequent year, we proceeded to build additional classrooms in 2006 – with the school now housing, educating, and feeding 300 children aged 4-6.


A number of vocational education institutes have also been built over the past decade, including a Tailoring School in 2005 and a Computer School in 2007 (containing 21 computers) for teaching basic skills such as typing and emailing.


At Children of the Rising Sun orphanage, we ensure the children are well fed with a balanced diet on a daily basis, providing a mixture of meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables. We encourage the children to participate in meal preparation by collecting firewood for cooking and helping out in the kitchen, however and wherever they can.


Children of the Rising Sun staff are qualified to provide basic First Aid to the children. A home nurse is available for minor injuries & a part time doctor is available two times a week. In the event of more serious health issues, children are transported to Maldini General Hospital for treatment.


Children of the Rising Sun orphanage is fuelled by electricity, with a built-in solar panel for emergencies. There is running water in the bathrooms, kitchen and various other stations throughout the compound. There is also a bore hole that serves the entire compound and garden.


Children of the Rising Sun is an orphanage that receives much of its funding, supplies, equipment, technology, clothing and materials from private donors. We also welcome any volunteers who wish to come into the orphanage and offer their help in any way they can.


The Board of Trustees has plans to expand the school in the near future in order to give an increased number of children access to education. Currently, we are in need of: Farming tools and chemicals Qualified volunteer instructor for farming skills and to teach skills in other areas Cash donations for school fees, uniforms, transport, food and medications. If you can help in any way, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. With your help, we can change these children’s lives for the better – forever.