Below is a list of projects that we hope to complete in the near future. Each project is carefully prioritised to meet the needs of the children in our care. All projects so far have been funded by our kind donors and all future contributions will help the following projects flourish:

Community Medical Centre

We are looking to expand our current health clinic to accommodate a lab that will provide free testing, health care and pharmaceutical dispensary services to the hundreds of vulnerable children in the area, as well as the disadvantaged villagers from the surrounding community. Currently, villagers are forced to walk several kilometres to see the doctor or visit the hospital, and we want to put an end to this as soon as we can.

Plans for this new clinic include the employment of a full-time doctor, nurse and lab technician to offer treatments for common ailments like colds, respiratory illnesses, malaria, pneumonia and skin diseases.

Solar Power

Unfortunately, CRS orphanage is subject to repeated blackouts due to an unreliable supply of electricity. In order to rectify this issue, we are looking at installing additional solar panels on the roof of the home and adjacent school.

In future, we are hoping to continue funding projects such as this to promote sustainable energy in the surrounding village. We hope that solar energy can bring about fundamental, if not epic change in the everyday lives of people in the community.

Agricultural Projects

Whilst we currently have a wide array of agricultural projects in place, we need additional funding in order for them to operate more effectively. In time, we hope for CRS to become entirely self-sufficient, and we actively encourage children to participate in farming processes where they can acquire practical and useful skills.

All proceeds generated from the sale of excess garden crops will either be used to sustain and develop the project, or to assist individuals in the community as reasonable need arises.

Dwindling tourism in Kenya has put severe strain on the finances of Children of the Rising Sun orphanage in recent months. Without your help, the amazing work we do with these children and the local community simply could not happen. Every donation we receive goes a long way, so please consider investing in CRS and give us the chance to get started on implementing plans and projects that will change people’s lives in Kenya forever. As little as £5 can make an enormous difference.

Future Funding

We are looking to continue raising funds for the children at Children of the Rising Sun orphanage in any way we can.

As it stands, our donors, trustees and board members pay for the majority of all needs, including infrastructure, food, clothing, Matron’s wages, doctor visits, school supplies, uniforms, clothing, shoes and school fees.

Consequently, we have a vested interest in each child, and a commitment to ensure that each is provided with the tools and supplies necessary for survival and healthy development.

We are continually left to face huge challenges on a daily basis here at CRS, and in order to continue helping these underprivileged children, we believe it is necessary to raise funds to build a Community/Medical Centre.

With your help we can ensure this continued success, and work towards building a new community in order to provide a brighter future for these children and others in the Malindi district.