The Children of the Rising Sun Home orphanage was opened by Cosmoa Maina and Leila Sorani on Casaurina Road, Malindi, Kenya in 1994, eventually moving to Msahaba three years later. Whilst the location may have changed, the main objective never has. Children of the Rising Sun has always been committed to giving orphans and children of destitute families a roof to live under – no matter what their situation. Our home is a legally registered and licensed charitable organisation (registration CDEN no. 000034) under the ministry of home affairs.


Thanks to the incredible generosity of a German Hotelier named Mrs Elizabeth Von Meynhart, Children of the Rising Sun currently stands on 12 acres of donated land. The home itself consists of 35 rooms and 5 dormitories (including showers and toilets), with the children separated by gender and age (3-11 and 12-18). A dining area, kitchen, first aid room and administration office can also be found inside, as well as guest quarters for visiting volunteers. In March 2008, a community hall was built – a space that’s now used for mentally stimulating recreational activities such as reading and games, as well as film nights, meetings, and general socialising. We are planning to produce and harvest much of the food and drink consumed at Children of the Rising Sun orphanage on site, with the addition of a well in 2005 enabling the setup of a fruit and vegetable garden.


Our mission is to create a safe, healthy, loving environment for underprivileged children – giving them every opportunity to grow up right and ultimately live long, rich and fulfilling lives. We provide balanced meals, fresh clothes, warm shelter and education for every child under our roof, with a staff roster comprising of house mothers, house fathers, cooks, security guards, gardeners and teachers.


Over 80 children are currently housed in Children of the Rising Sun Orphanage, many of whom were discovered sleeping rough under cars, in the street or in empty lots. Several children here have also been victim to horrific conditions and abuse during their short lives, including drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and even prostitution. Our focus is on providing an environment that helps them feel safe and secure, rehabilitating them slowly over time.