Brief History

Cosmos Maina, himself a former street child, established this home in 1994 with the assistance of Leila Sorani, an Italian tour leader. Anne Loehr (Inamdar), Fernando Vischi and K.D Suchak joined them shortly after.

Mr Renato Marini, a hotelier and a businessman, followed and joined a small committee of professionals from different nationalities dedicated to serving the Home and to assist these children to become healthy, skilled and educated adults.

The Home was started in a private dwelling in Malindi and later transferred to a block in Mr. Suchak’s compound. A permanent home was built in January 1997 on eleven acres of land donated by a generous hotelier Mrs. Elizabeth von Mennyhart. Eight acres was later purchased in the same annex. Five acres of this land had a plantation of mango trees, a further four acres was used to build the infrastructure for the home.

The Home

The home currently has:
  • One administration block with an office, dispensary, matron’s accommodation and volunteer’s residence.
  • One block with a large dining area, kitchen, food store and recreation/study hall.
  • Two dormitories for boys with toilets and washrooms.
  • Two dormitories for girls with toilets and washrooms.
  • One dormitory for very young children with necessary facilities.
  • One block for tailoring and computer classes.
  • A small library.
Over the years we have built two additional blocks for nursery school children. A further two blocks were built for primary school children complete with their own separate offices which accommodates around eight-hundred children as day scholars from the village. The school is run by the education department. All children are given a hot porridge breakfast daily – sponsored by one of the donors. Lunch is provided as and when we get specific donors, which is about twice a week.

The Children

Over 80 children are currently housed in Children of the Rising Sun Orphanage, many of whom were discovered sleeping rough under cars, in the street or in empty lots. Several children here have also been victim to horrific conditions and abuse during their short lives, including drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and even prostitution. Our focus is on providing these children with an environment that helps them feel safe and secure, rehabilitating them slowly over time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe, healthy, loving environment for underprivileged children – giving them every opportunity to grow up right and ultimately live long, rich and fulfilling lives.

Nursery and primary level education are catered for in our institution; for further education and vocational training, we sponsor the children in other institutions depending on their performance and sponsors.

We have also embarked on a large scale farming and dairy project. We have two boreholes and one well. While the water is not very conducive to farming, it still provides a significant benefit. We have six greenhouses and a large cowshed – all donated by the ACT Group from Germany through Mr. Werner. We currently have four cows which provide us with enough milk. Our ultimate target is to develop this project so the home can be self-sustained.