To take on a sponsorship for a child is a voluntary matter, which can start at any time and can also be resolved from the godfather without giving reasons. The contribution is only $65 for one child a year. With this contribution, you can ensure that the child can go to school (low admission fee), is taught and a place in our home gets with care and full board.
In setting up the home, Leila has stated that $5.40 per child per month is sufficient to grow it according to Kenyan conditions. This results in an annual contribution of $65 per child.

Social workers make sure that they are full-fledged and half-bred, or children who come from poorest family circumstances. An attempt is made to create a detailed CV about the child. These documents, as well as new photos of the child every year, are given to the godparents. In return, the godfathers will present themselves by writing a letter and describing something about themselves, their family, and the like. A letter contact is desirable because only such a personal relationship can develop.
Sending money or gifts to Kenya during the year is not recommended, as it is usually lost by mail. The best way to give the child an additional pleasure is to increase the donation, so that a special piece of clothing, additional textbooks or the like can be purchased on site. Thus, the economy in Kenya is boosted, clothing is bought, which is common there (no brand clothing), and the transport of gifts to the country facilitates.

A child who is new to the home will be shared with a godfather. Thus the first step is done and the sponsorship begins unbureaucratically. The godparents will be informed by us and will transfer the money. A sponsorship will be given upon receipt of the application.