Latest Update- Solar panels and other

You will be pleased to know that we have completed our solar lighting in the home and are now proceeding with the school.

We have also purchased two cows – only one will be producing milk at the moment – the other one has a first pregnancy – so we cannot milk her yet. Thanks to Mr AMIR MANSOOR NAJI & his family of Professor Naji who has been advising us on this project.

Children of the rising sun have also employed a graduate from PWANI UNIVERSITY – recommended by Dr MUTI from the University – as from yesterday. He will assist with the production of milk from the cows and help on the agriculture project to make more self sustaining.

A program is being set up by Dr Muti to set up the training program for the kids. We have also requested the Headmistress of our school to look into the possibilities of incorporating this in the school curriculum through the District Education Board.

All of them are very cooperative. We have now planted maize on 2 acres. I am pleased that it has started to rain after 3 years of drought and we are all praying and hoping that it will continue to rains.

Our maintenance man, Anderson has left employment without notice so we will be looking for his replacement soon. We are looking at increasing expenses from now on due to salary increase of 18% and the Food costs which has gone up by almost 40% due to shortage.

The recent donations we received will help for a short period of time but we need more assistance which will secure long term future of all the orphanage. Any help is highly appreciated so please donate by going on our website on


K D Suchak