Children of the Rising Sun Orphanage

My recent visit with the Orphanage

My recent visit was equally humbling as the last one. To see these remarkable children in person and to see the care and love they are given and to see where every pound is spent and the many prayers answered was such a blessing. I was so impressed with how things were run, planned and managed.

Since my last visit, with the help of kind donors, we have been able to raise money towards making the home more self-sustaining by installing solar power, water wells and pumps, purchasing greenhouses and a new hand held tractor, this has assisted with the home being able to grow their own fruit and vegetables more efficiently and the added purchase of milk producing cows and improvements to the kitchen, as well as the start of many more projects.







On the first day I was met by Eric who is in charge of managing the plantation greeted me warmly and showed me around the greenhouses and the farm which is now growing crops of kale a vegetable, similar to spinach, in order to get something green into the children’s diet in addition to the maize and cassava. This project is now working well and more agricultural land is prepared with the aid of the hand held tractor, watering pump and bore whole.


I was then shown to the rest area and all the children were glued to the television which was broadcasting a Disney cartoon , the kitchen was preparing beans with chapatti, a welcome change from Ugali or rice , a meal that they have don’t eat every day. At 6 pm all the children sat and polished off every morsel of food. Smiling little children and older ones all welcomed me warmly with a song. Encouraging them on were the staff and volunteers with their kind faces. The orphanage had a very homely feel and not at all institutionalised. The thought of sitting amongst the smiling children, who have plenty of reasons not to smile, was truly inspiring; they do not need much to be happy, just each other and a little HOPE

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The next day, we also paid a visit to the school where the children from the orphanage attend. The school was built with the help of the founding members and currently has over 700 school children .The breakfast is paid for by one the donor and the children are on some days treated to a hearty lunch by the goodwill of the donors. I sponsored the lunch and seeing the children enjoying the very rare treat was rewarding to say the least




After a while the children warmed to me, coming close and touching my camera. I took a picture of the group and then turned the camera around to show them their smiling faces. The giggles were uncontrollable and during the whole time the children waved frantically at me in order to get my attention and then struck their best pose for the camera.


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It was a privilege to meet the founder members Mushrubu and Kundan, and active donors Warner and Detlev who between them have been the pillar of the orphanage I met them to discuss the future projects and the future financial security of the home and School.


We discussed working on a micro-finance model and fundraising ideas to form the basis of our support to these programs like setting up an agricultural initiative, where we can offer some land and greenhouse to our best student/s to help them set up small business ventures where a percentage of the profits would be given back to the orphanage.
We agreed to build a new secondary school thus avoiding paying for expensive secondary education for our orphanage and the local children from the community, this would save approximately 20k per year and we are looking for donors to help towards the build cost.


On my way back I went to say goodbye to Joyce our main caretaker. She was busy updating a report on the two new arrivals that had been sent to the home by the courts; both a two and half year old girl and an eight year old boy were sitting in the office. They had both suffered sexually abuse by their fathers. I was horrified to hear of their stories and wondered how anyone could ever be healed from such a trauma. But after seeing the children here, I know they stand a good chance with the excellent support of the staff, the love shown and security the home provides.These are just some of the stories behind the children who are being cared for at the Home and the reason why we need to support this home.

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Please help and stand behind our home and let’s works together through a donation, sponsoring a child (The money sponsored goes toward the entire program itself, not specifically to benefit one child.) The home will send you regular updates, pictures of the child you sponsor and will notify you of further progress. We also run much needed volunteering programme .Please contact me if you want to get involved and help our cause.

With this, we are very thankful and most grateful for all you have done and all you have sacrificed. Because of you, transformation is happening. Together we are paving a path toward a brighter future for many.

The children of Kenya are hopeful and grateful as they are being educated, empowered, and equipped.