Children of the Rising Sun Orphanage

Graduation Ceremony

Many Thanks
Many thanks to Werner Bucher of ACT who initiated the Agriculture program and provided financed towards for the capital expenditure of purchasing a new tractor which has allowed us to cultivate further fields and the addition of new water pump we have now established an irrigation system which is proving to be most effective and five new greenhouses that are flourishing Three new milk producing dairy cows, of which has produced four new a calf’s which is fabulous news for us


Agriculture School
In addition to this Werner has been involved in recruiting a teacher of agriculture Eric, and has purchased 2 x laptops and a projector to assist Eric in the teaching of sixteen students whom have been enrolled into this program with the collaboration of the university, due to support and dedication of Eric and the university and of course hard work from the students we have produced a bumper harvest which has aided generously. This harvest has not only allowed us to provide the children’s meals but allowed us to sell some of the harvest to raise further funds all of which has been ploughed directly back to the orphanage.


The images are of the recent graduation ceremony was held at home of the five students who graduated from the agriculture program, each of the students was gifted a laptop which was kindly donated by ACT as well as toys and food gifts presented to the rest of the children.

Ongoing Costs
The Agriculture program is growing from strength to strength allowing us to grow and cultivate the crops more efficiently and providing us with sustainability but the ongoing expenses continue to be funded by the home and we still desperately require your support and help to be able to accomplish our goal to be self sufficient .

We have achieved a lot so far thanks to your generous donations and support and I trust we can continue our quest for total sustainability.