Children of the Rising Sun Orphanage

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Ongoing projects at Children of the Rising Sun

The Cow Shed and Milk Giving Cows

In order to become even more self-sufficient in the coming months, we have built a new shed that accommodates several cows for the production of milk. We are seeking further donations in order to complete this structure and ensure there are enough healthy cows inside to produce good quality, nutritious

Agricultural Projects

Whilst we currently have a wide array of agricultural projects in place, we need additional funding in order for them to operate more effectively. In time, we hope for CRS to become entirely self-sufficient, and we actively encourage children to participate in farming processes where they can acquire practical and


Why donate to us?

In total the CRS started in 1994 as a project for orphaned children has become much more than just an orphanage. CRS is now a children’s home with a regional function. Children from the area can go to the kindergarten and primary school on site and there are computer classes for children. Very soon, people in the region can make use of our planned community medical centre with a doctor, dentist, laboratory, pharmacy and eye clinic.

It is our primary task as a foundation to raise enough money each year, to ensure the continuity of the loving care of the children in the CRS home. Furthermore, the Home offers every child perspective through tailored mentoring and diversity programs. The facilities offered (partly) are also made available to the region. We raise funds to keep making this possible. On our site we have all kinds of facilities to operate as efficiently as possible such as water supplies, a power generator, a central kitchen and classrooms.


Currently we have 81 children in the CRS primary school and kindergarten, as well as 11 children who are already in secondary schools and 7 who will join soon, totally funded by CRS. The cost of secondary school education is 65,000 KES (about 600 USD) per child. We also have 4 children on vocational training where the CRS pays 30,000 KES per year. To sponsor a child's secondary education, please contact us.


The creation of wells and addition of solar panels will drastically reduce the very expensive water and electricity bills.


Your donations help us to buy equipment such as farming supplies, tools and computers to ensure the children...


Our volunteers make sure that the children eat well, with nutritious meals provided each day...


With the funds donated, we have already started to build a cow shed to house the milk bearing cows. This will save us the cost of providing nutritional milk that is much needed for the children. There is a great need to provide medical facilities not just to the children under our care, but also to the wider community living around the home. We have drawn up a plan to extend the existing first aid area to offer the best medical help in the area.

Future Plans

We are looking at various projects with an ultimate goal of reducing our utility bills and making the home self-sustaining, so that in the future we will not rely solely on your kind donations.

Our Finished Projects



Greenhouse Project

In 2012, we erected a large greenhouse to aid food production

Well/Water Tower